Our Story

As long as I can remember I've been building with LEGO. From a young age I started collecting sets and pieces where ever I could. As I got older I wanted to build my own creations and make them bigger and better then the sets. When building the castle (below) I needed particular pieces that you cant get at traditional box stores. The nearest LEGO store was nearly three hours away from Bend! 

I created Dakota's Brick Shop to help spark the creativity in children and adults alike by helping them locate those hard to find pieces or teach building techniques. I am no certified LEGO expert but I am a LEGO enthusiast who wants to share my love for building with fellow fans of LEGO in Central Oregon. 


"Logan's Castle" is on display at Dakota's Brick Shop. It measures nearly 16 ft long, 4 feet wide,  4 feet tall and took two years to build (no instructions).