We are Central Oregon's ONLY one stop destination for all things LEGO!


We specialize in:

New/Used Sets

Loose Sets

Rare Pieces


1,000’s of Minifigs

Bulk Lego

Retired Sets

Base Plates


From a couple of minifigs to a life long collection we take it all! Feel free to stop by with your Lego anytime. We will appraise your collection and you can choose if you would like in store credit, or cash!

If you are considering brining in Lego to us, here are some things to consider to make sure you get the most bang for your brick!


Bulk Brick- Currently we are not purchasing “bulk brick” due to a surplus. These are the loose pieces you have that are not put together anymore. Try and remove all garbage and non Lego items that you can (crayons, mega blocks etc.). If there are minifigs mixed through try and take those out and separate them.

Minifigs- Make sure minifigs are clean and don’t have any broken pieces. If you are familiar with how they go together, try and complete to the best of your ability (correct torso, head, legs & accessories).

Loose Sets- Try and bring sets in as complete as you can make them. Built sets are the best so we can easily see how complete it is. If you have the instructions and the box bring those in as well!